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Ttendekero Bbanguliro Katibu

May the Lord bless you

Beesiimye Abo Botunuuliza Amaaso Ag'obusaasizi
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    Merciful and Compassionate Father

    I earnestly long to hear and see You,
    I am keeping the company of living perfect saints,
    Their teachings and advices are my daily bread and comfortable abode

    Always keep me in your Chest

    Sincere Soul


Sserulanda Nsulo Y'Obulamu Spiritual Foundation is a true spiritual institution for
sincere seekers after Self-realization and God-Realization

Headquarters are located at:
Sseesamirembe City
P.O.Box 27
Kyotera, Kyotera District
Uganda - East Africa
Phone: (256)702-851-306

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