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Ttendekero Bbanguliro Katibu

May the Lord bless you

Ring of Enlightenment

The Sunbeam of Enlightenment

Salutations to Mankind

In the glorious Name of the Saints, the Enlightened Beings, the Ascended, the Highly Evolved and Perfect Masters of Wisdom who have existed without beginning or end, we salute you, all women and men living today.

As for those of you who are already anointed with divine nectar in the Lineage of Light - servers working in divine Spiritual Centres or Shrines of Perfect Masters, who are the great lovers of wisdom (Bassensinda-ssindanira-bumanyi) communing in the lotus field of true everlasting love that unveils the curtains of ignorance (darkness) to reveal the eternal light which cleanses and purifies your whole being, erasing thus all pains, sufferings and misery - we salute you, sons and daughters of Light and Sound, because you live in the ages of problem solving.

With warm felicitations, love and trust we salute you because you will never again taste the pains of misery, for you are unlike those who are still locked up within the unbreakable chains of transmigration.

I plead that we commune together and invoke the infinite grace of the Almighty in articulate sounds of mantra, fused in the eternal divine Sound Current so that we may receive more of the divine radiations of strength and become fused in total happiness at all times wherever we may be.This way we shall have all our senses of perception, the eyes and ears of the soul, opened for divine communication with the great lovers of eternal wisdom. Only then shall we be able to receive divine streams of nectar that emanate from the sacred bathing soils (Eggerenge ettukuvu) of the Masters. This alone will enable us to fulfil the great task of destiny for our existence on Earth today.

Sserulanda Nsulo Y'Obulamu Spiritual Foundation is a true spiritual institution for
sincere seekers after Self-realization and God-Realization

Headquarters are located at:
Sseesamirembe City
P.O.Box 27
Kyotera, Kyotera District
Uganda - East Africa
Phone: (256)702-851-306

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