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The world's Future Merchandise

The wisdom of the Saints is going to be the world's merchandise or wealth in the New Age. The most important achievement that shall be asked of every home is this: "How many children saints have been so far born into it?" This is not story telling. It is the greatest wealth that is actually going to be on this material plane in the New Age which the world is entering. This plane is going to become a saintly plane - transformed from materialistic to spiritualistic. All schools throughout the world are going to teach divine spiritual lessons of the New Age. The science of the Soul is going to become the world's most important subject. Masters are going to be ferrying souls from the material plane to the realm of eternity because all the seeds which past Saints and Masters have been planting on this material plane have reached the point of germination.

The more tortures, persecution and executions Saints and Masters have suffered at the hands of mankind, the more the fruits are going to be reaped in the New Age into which we are now being ushered As much blood of Saints and Masters as was spilled here, the dame has now become divine nectar for mankind to imbibe spirituality. This, therefore, is the Masters' divine harvest, now.

For this reason, there shall be no part of the world that will remain untrodden by Saints and Masters. Ignorance has gone forever. This is going to fill the hearts of every human being with divine happiness. It should should, therefore, be announced in every home throughout the world that the dangers of catastrophic destruction, of death and misery are over, and that humanity should look up to Saints and Living Masters who are presently on this plane treading the Earth in all countries.

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