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Ttendekero Bbanguliro Katibu

May the Lord bless you

Whoever abides by, strictly lives and practices

This Divine Secret of Purification, he or she will definitely attain enlightenment.

If the whole world were to follow this Divine Secret of Purification

The Earth would be turned into Heaven.

HIG Bambi Baaba's Divine Secret of Purification

HIG Bambi Baaba Baabuwee
For every aspirant of Divine Truth
In a genuine Spiritual Sanctuary
Wherever I may be
In this Divine Fraternity of Wisdom
Which is greater than all material wealth
I must struggle unceasingly
To the best of my ability
To fully understand at all times
That in everything that I do
I must make certain
That it enriches my living
For the best of happiness.

To earn me more additional merits and virtues
To work with others harmoniously
To manifest my honey-like kindness
To transform into nectar
My actions unto others
And to live consciously as a divine ray
That enkindles light and happiness within everyone.

This is the divine secret of purification given with love by His Imperishable Glory Bambi Baaba Baabuwee.


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