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May the Lord bless you

It is a divine law, that a Perfect Spiritual Guide to lead sincere seekers for soul liberation

has to be born as a human being for the humans to be able to understand and interact with him.

No soul has ever, and will ever get to perfect soul liberation without being guided by a

Perfect Living Soul liberator, Saint, or Savior of his or her time.

HIG Bambi Baaba Baabuwee

HIG Bambi Baaba Baabuwee
Bambi Baaba Baabuwee, reverently called His Imperishable Glory (HIG) was born on July 15, 1937. His father was the late Alozio Kulazikulabe. His mother is Flazia Nnakanwagi, living in Sseesamirembe city. HIG Bambi Baaba Baabuwee is a born Adept of the science of natural therapies. At the age of three he was treating and curing people from many complicated maladies with herbal medicines. From around that age, Bambi Baaba showed mystical and spiritual powers, knowledge and wisdom. He used to predicate for others what would happen in the future and tell them their darkest secrets.

His spiritual practices always astounded those around him, wondering what kind of a being Bambi Baaba was. Always HIG Bambi Baaba is surrounded by different kinds of people with different needs and purposes. Some seek cure for their chronicle diseases, others material help, but the majority seek spiritual guidance from Him. Accompanied by his companion Nsiimawuuno Ssebirojje Ddembessa, HIG Bambi Baaba Baabuwee settled at Sseesamirembe on December 25, 1975.

Although HIG Bambi Baaba is not a politician, he always teaches and encourages Sserulanda members to always be creative not only for their immediate and biological families or community, but also to their nations and the entire world.


Sserulanda Nsulo Y'Obulamu Spiritual Foundation is a true spiritual institution for
sincere seekers after Self-realization and God-Realization

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