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Ttendekero Bbanguliro Katibu

May the Lord bless you

Buntakke Zone

HIG Bambi Baaba Baabuwee initiates construction of Buntakke zone, Sseesamirembe

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What you should know

Sserulanda Nsulo Y'Obulamu Spiritual Foundation is a spiritual institution located at Sseesamirembe City, in Rakai district of Uganda, East Africa. Sincere seekers after Perfect Enlightenment are re-united with the Divine Sound (Ebbano in Luganda) that carries a soul to perfect sainthood and God realization while one is still living in a human body.

It was found in 1975 by the Living Ssaabayimiransibo, His Imperishable Glory Bambi Baaba Baabuwee, a born perfect living saint whom, also, is its present Spiritual Guide.

It is a spiritual institution, a sanctuary that welcomes people of all religions, color, and languages from all over the world. Sserulanda is a multiracial and multicultural community.

The organization is guided by a Living Perfect Enlightened Being, who instructs, guides, and helps individual souls eliminate and overcome their vices and weaknesses on their path to spiritual perfection and enlightenment.

Perfect Enlightenment

    Requirements for perfect enlightenment:

    • A living Perfect Saint of your time

    • Perfect Spiritual Discoursing

    • Selfless Serving

    • Regular Meditation

Qualifications for a Perfect Spiritual Aspirant

    A perfect spiritual aspirant:

    • Leads a lacto-vegetarian diet

    • Controls his mind, words, and actions

    • Leads a pure moral life

    • Leads an honest living

    • Helps the needy while avoiding being a burden to others


Sserulanda Nsulo Y'Obulamu Spiritual Foundation is a true spiritual institution for
sincere seekers after Self-realization and God-Realization

Headquarters are located at:
Sseesamirembe City
P.O.Box 27
Kyotera, Kyotera District
Uganda - East Africa
Phone: (256)702-851-306

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